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Hello and welcome to our "No More Tears Colic Relief" website.

Here you will be able to access information and products to help you survive the challenging weeks of dealing with your baby’s wind, colic and reflux symptoms.  You can also purchase the colic book as a hard copy or as an ebook and this way you will have practical tips on behavioural and lifestyle adjustments plus a range of dietary and nutritional advice.

 This site is also an introduction to our  Willby's Wind and Colic business which is a complete help and advisory service for mums and dads with unsettled babies.

Call 1300 79 42 32 to speak to an expert pharmacist regarding your baby's symptoms. 

Up to 40% of newborn babies may suffer symptoms and this increases to 70% following Caesar births. We are here to provide support and relief so that everyone in the household can get some sleep and stop stressing about why your baby is crying!

For more information, contact us on 1300 79 42 32.

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