World Famous Willby’s Colic Mix

Infant colic is a painful condition that affects babies within their first three months of life. It causes unexplained uncontrollable crying for hours at a time.

Usual comforting routines such as feeding and cuddling do nothing to soothe these unsettled babies – they sleep fitfully and feeding is often disrupted by intermittent crying and pulling away. There are many theories of what causes colic – immature gut, wind, too much milk, poor feeding techniques to name just a few. One thing we do know is that effective treatments have been hard to find.

Willby’s Colic Mix is a unique herbal product made by our professional team at our pharmacy. We have been making this product for many years and thousands of successful bottles tell us that it works to relieve colic symptoms in 90% of babies.

The mix is very different to any commercial products on the market and it is made fresh for every baby. To purchase Willby’s Colic Mix you must speak to one of our pharmacists or our naturopath as we take you through a comprehensive checklist to ensure that your baby does appear to have colic and that there are no medical or medicinal complications. You may speak to our team in-store or over the phone – 1300 79 42 32. Then you can collect the mix or we can express post it to you.

The mix contains:

Dill - an antispasmodic to reduce the pain of colic. It also helps to prevent gas formation and it is a natural relaxant.

Sodium Citrate - prevents the coagulation of milk into curds, reduces acidity and helps the digestive process.

Belladonna - a herb that has been used for centuries to relieve muscle spasm and reduce stomach acidity.

Willby’s Colic Mix is the only colic treatment with such a strong documented history of successful results so, if you or someone you know has a colicky baby, talk to us today!


"Fantastic! Magic in a bottle. Before my daughter was on it I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage but I am coping so much better now and my daughter is a little angel."