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Qiara™ is the breastmilk probiotic for breast health and immune support during pregnancy and breastfeeding – it contains a patented probiotic strain isolated from healthy breastmilk that has been extensively researched for its benefits for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and their infants.

The benefits for mother and baby include:

  1. May assist in building a healthy immune system for both mother and baby.
  2. Provides support for the development of healthy gut flora in babies.
  3. Aids breast health in lactating mothers and reduces the risk of breast tenderness during lactation.
  4. Increases beneficial probiotic bacteria (Lactobacillus Fermentum CECT5716) in the breastmilk of lactating mums.
  5. Helps maintain a healthy digestive microflora system in mothers and babies.

It is recommended that Qiara™ be taken by mothers during the last trimester of pregnancy and the period of exclusive breastfeeding. Studies have shown that the risk of breast tenderness and the potential onset of infection is reduced by supplementation with the patented strain found exclusively in Qiara™.

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