Colic or Reflux?

Colic and reflux are two different conditions and only occasionally do babies suffer from both. If your baby is vomiting milk at all times of the day or is distressed during or soon after feeding and is not gaining weight then reflux is a possibility.

There is also a condition known as silent reflux where babies bring up a little then keep swallowing the feed back down again. Reflux babies tend to fuss during feeds or begin to cry soon after feeds arching their backs in pain. The baby is distressed in the same way that an adult is when experiencing heartburn. Reflux is caused by acid from the stomach washing back up into the oesophagus because the sphincter between the stomach and the oesophagus is looser than it should be and it will take time to settle.

Reflux must be diagnosed by your doctor or paediatrician. Sometimes an Omeprazole mixture may be ordered on prescription. This is a compounded product which we can make up for you, at a very competitive price, on presentation of the prescription.

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