Colic Demystified

How do I know if my baby has colic?

Colic is characterized by bouts of unexplained uncontrolled crying sometimes for many hours at a time. Normal soothing methods such as feeding or cuddling do not appear to settle the baby and the symptoms are often worse later in the day when mums are tired and their coping mechanisms are at the lowest point. Colicky babies often pull their knees toward the chest and stiffen through the mid section and they appear uncomfortable, bloated and gassy. We suggest the baby should be checked by a doctor to eliminate any medical conditions. Babies with colic are usually healthy in every other way, growing and developing normally – they just cry a lot!

Colic most typically appears between 3-12 weeks and the gradually resolves over time as the baby’s digestive system matures.

What causes colic?

Good question!! The experts in the book “No More Tears Colic Relief” have a range of theories all of which are very plausible. It could be immature gut, wind, over feeding or a mixture of everything. It is very important to understand:

What can I do to treat it?

For a very long time colic relief has been a hit and miss affair. There are few proprietary products available such as Gripe Water (which helps wind but not colic) and Brauer’s Colic Relief (a homeopathic product) and Infant’s Friend. We do not believe any of these products have any significant effect on colic symptoms. Our product Willby’s Colic Mix has a proven 90% success rate when combined with other behavioural, nutritional and lifestyle tips.

How old does my baby have to be to take Willby's Wind and Colic mix?

Willby’s can be taken as soon as symptoms appear but we will take you through a comprehensive questionnaire regarding your baby’s symptoms and medical history. The mixture is preservative free and made fresh for every baby. It can be collected from the pharmacy or express posted nationally.

Will Willby’s help my baby sleep?

Although there are no sedatives in the mixture, your baby should settle and sleep simply because it is no longer in pain.

How long should I use Willby’s Colic Relief?

As long as you follow the correct dosage, it is safe to use the mixture for as long as the symptoms persist. We advise that, after two to three bottles, try missing a dose now and then to test if the colic has abated. If the symptoms reoccur, return to the four times a day dosage. Do not use other colic remedies with Willby’s without checking with us first.

What if my baby has a pre-existing medical condition?

This will be covered in the questionnaire but babies with Down syndrome are especially sensitive to one of the ingredients and babies with liver and kidney troubles should avoid the mixture, Paralytic ileus, urinary retention and tachycardia are conditions where the mixture should not be used at all.