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I have interviewed a number of leading baby health care experts to gain their insights into the causes of and treatments for baby colic. They share many years of experience and offer behavioural and nutritional advice and their thoughts on Willby’s Colic Mix. This is not a text book – it is full of practical tips to ease the pain of colic for babies and ease the anxiety for mums.

By reading this book, you will learn:

  • Essential tips and secrets from a pharmacist who is also a mum.
  • 10 breakthrough techniques to soothe tiny troubled tummies.
  • Trade secrets from leading baby health care professionals.
  • Instant colic relief using a unique approach through natural medicine.
  • Three powerful reasons why you should add probiotics to your diet and that of your baby.
  • The Golden Rules to promote restful sleep for your baby and your family.
  • How the foods you eat can affect your breastfed baby and what to do about it.

Do not let colic spoil your first months with your new baby. This book is a must read for mums with unsettled babies and relief is a phone call away.

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